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1 Month Old!



A few things that happened this month...


You have become much more alert and track things with your eyes.  

You love to look at windows.  

You smile when you are awake and alert, when you are dreaming, when you are waking up and falling asleep and when you hear your Dad’s voice, you even smile while you're eating (which often results in spilt milk)... you are a very smiley babe!


You love to hang out in your Moby and fall alseep there and you love to snuggle.  

You can lift your head up on your own and hold it for about ten seconds.

You sleep with your arms and hands in funny positions which makes us giggle.



My favorite thing that you do is, when you just finish yawning you make a very loud ducky sound so, I’ve started calling you Ducky. 


You fight going to sleep a couple times a day and amazing stare endurance.  You can keep your eyes open even when you are so tired!

You (mostly) love having bath time.  You become very quite and kick around a lot. 



You had your first slow dance with your Daddy.

You have started doing tummy time which you seem to enjoy for about five minutes.

You've started making new sounds, chirping, squeaking, sighing and grunting.  It's so cute!


12 diapers a day.

3 changes of clothes.

2 1/2 hours of soothing time each day.

No less than 60 kisses per day (much more if Poppy is over)!

At least 5 hours of cuddle time.

About 6 hours of breastfeeding. 

8.4 pounds..not sure how accurate our scale is... this seems crazy to me!

21 inches



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