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8 months old

Lu is 8 months old. She is a busy, busy little lady. She's not crawling yet but has figured out that she can get around just fine by getting up on all fours and "jumping" forward. She loves trying to eat the dirt out of the sliding glass door track, grabbing Gigi's blankies, and putting anything and everything she can find in her mouth... babies sure make you realize how dirty your floor is. She's not sitting up quite yet, and we spent some time at baby physical therapy to work on her core muscles but she seems perfectly happy to lie down and squirm around that way. She is jabbering a lot: everything from sweet dadada, beh-beh-beh sounds to the less sweet screeches and hollers when she needs or wants something. She is sleeping great... after a few nights of sleep training she is now snoozing happily through the night, waking only once between 3 and 5 in the morning to nurse. I am so, so happy to be getting full nights of sleep again but, as predicted, I miss the midnight cuddles. Since she's been sleeping more and not snacking all night she has also turned into a big eater. She loves all kind of purées and has been handling a few finger foods well. She still prefers to be fed by me... or Gigi. She's showing more and more personality and she is a very silly, very sweet girl. She also (finally) cut her two bottom teeth and we are happy to have a momentary break in that department. The photo above is the only one I could get of her on her back, and I only accomplished that by giving her Sophie and snapping it as fast as I could. We were just too close to that sliding glass door track and there was lots of dirt to be eaten...

8 months old

8 months old
  1. i just love her bald head! bald babies are the best. clementine still doesn’t have any teeth. but i can’t say i’m looking forward to the whole teething ordeal x

    gaby · Tuesday January 28, 2014 · #

  2. She’s SO cute with those big blue eyes!

    An American friend gave me “What to expect the first year” when Sam was born and if I remember correctly, they start speaking about sitting up at five months old or so. Crazy! In french literature, they say that babies sit independently from nine months on. (And at 9 months, we still had a lot of head bumps…)

    I’d love to see that hopping/crawling thing she is doing ;)

    Lisette · Wednesday January 29, 2014 · #

  3. Gaby, she has SOME hair. ;) Yes…. teething. It’s inevitable and not the most enjoyable thing but I suppose it’s good that they have teeth. xo

    Kacie · Wednesday January 29, 2014 · #

  4. L, I know… I’m not that concerned. G didn’t sit up until 9 months-ish. Plus Lu has the teenist little tush, not much a foundation to sit up on!

    Kacie · Wednesday January 29, 2014 · #


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