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December Care Package

Back in August I told you about my love for sending care packages.  I am a believer in the idea that, a small act of kindness, goes a long way.  My favorite way to spread kindness is through a thoughtful care package.  It's all the better if you don't say anything and just pop it in the mail.  Then someone you love gets home from work to find a few little treats.  I am going to do a little care package every month this year!  I'd love if you'd join me.  It really takes only a few minutes and it feels great!  If you decide to join in and send one too let me know.

We don't have much money right now but I'm getting creative!  Here's a little low-budget care package I sent to my mom...

Care PackageCare Package
A small container of Dr. Bronner's lavender soap for cozying up cold evenings, and some herbs de provence because my Mom loves to make yummy soups all winter long.  I bought the herbs in the bulk section and put them in a jar I already had.

Care PackageCare Package
I also sent her a borrowed copy of The Help.  Even though she has to give it back (to Kyle's Mom) after she finishes it, she still gets to enjoy it, and a Theo Hazelnut Crunch chocolate bar.

Care Package
And, of course, a nice letter.

Care Package
  1. I dried herbs from my garden this year and if you want to make another care package, I’d be delighted to contribute the herbs. Sage, Thyme, Lavender flowers, Mint and Oregano. Oh and I have dried stivia which is a natural sweetener which goes great with the mint for a sweet tea.

    Nona · Wednesday December 14, 2011 · #

  2. Awesome THANKS Nonna!

    Kacie · Friday December 16, 2011 · #

  3. this is a great care package ;)

    liz · Tuesday December 20, 2011 · #


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