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Kitchen Inspiration

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!  As predicted we hardly got any work done on the house this weekend because I was shooting a wedding and an event. This morning the kitchen looks like this...

kitchen remodel
I'm going to do my best today to get things picked up and organized so we have a clean space to work in.  Let me tell you, it is not easy editing photos, doing shoots, taking care of a baby, trying to keep up on doing dishes (by hand), laundry and everything else in this place!  I am determined that today is the day!  I'm going to get it all picked up (fingers crossed).  In an attempt to convey what I hope this place will look like in a couple of weeks, here is the kitchen inspiration we used when planning the remodel.

kitchen inspirationkitchen inspirationkitchen inspirationkitchen inspirationkitchen inspirationkitchen inspiration
kitchen inspirationkitchen inspirationkitchen inspirationkitchen inspirationkitchen inspiration
kitchen inspiration

We toyed around with all kinds of ideas and although we loved the dark kitchens, we decided that keeping it light and open would be ideal for our home and long winters!  We also loved open shelving, apron sinks, lots of space, subway tile, great islands, little silly details and an all-over rustic, French country chic look.  Later this week I'll share with you our exact kitchen layout!

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kitchen inspiration
  1. Woah…I LOVE that huge fork, as well as the wild looking flowers all over that one kitchen’s counter…lovely!

    rebekka · Monday September 12, 2011 · #

  2. I love open shelving. What’s the point in having pretty dinnerware if it’s not displayed, right? That fork mural is awesome, and i love the chandelier in that picture.

    Kym · Monday September 12, 2011 · #

  3. Love the inspiration … Perfectly lovely open shelving, subway tile, and coffee mugs hung in a row. So light, fresh and simple. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

    Stephanie · Monday September 12, 2011 · #

  4. Thanks for taking us into your kitchen before the work begins and then sharing your inspirations that will show up when the room is finished. The chandelier and brick tile flooring are fantastically fun and love your theme of light and fresh — great for our area. Hearing how you’re living through the process will be fun — to read a real person’s journey through reviving a kitchen (the hardest of all rooms!) — with energy and beauty (like you!). Carol

    Carol Reed · Monday September 12, 2011 · #

  5. Thanks for all the nice comments! Hi Carol! We need to hang out! =)


    Kacie · Monday September 12, 2011 · #


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