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Lunches with Daddy

Gigi and I love nothing more than slipping out of the house in the middle of the day to meet Kyle for lunch. We do it just about every week. Usually we just meet him at the brewery to grab a pint and a pizza. It's so fun for Gigi to get a chance to see her "da da da DAAAAA" in the middle of his busy day. Lunches with Daddy are one of our favorite things.

lunch with dadLunch Double Mountain Brewery
lunch with dadlunch with dadLunch Double Mountain BreweryLunch Double Mountain Brewerylunch with dadLunch Double Mountain Brewery

Happy Monday! I hope you are all having a great start to the new week. I felt very stressed last week so I'm taking today to get organized for this busy week.

lunch with dad
  1. I just love your post! Very fresh and sweet. Just the thing I need to start my week off on the right foot. I recently found your blog and totally love it. Keep doing what you’re doing :)


    Alma · Monday January 30, 2012 · #

  2. That pizza looks amazing! I’m so jealous :)

    Nicole · Monday January 30, 2012 · #

  3. Just wanted you to know I awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award http://www.sweet-fix.net/2012/01/versatile-blogger-award.html I really enjoy reading your blog!

    Sweet Fix @ Maria Corcuera · Monday January 30, 2012 · #

  4. her outfit! so cute ;)

    that’s great you guys slip out to have a little lunch with daddy. we go down to the restaurant once a week to have lunch or dinner. it’s so good to sneak in some extra daddy time, even if it’s just an hour!

    liz · Tuesday January 31, 2012 · #

  5. This is such a sweet post. The baby, the pizza pie and the beer .. all great things! She appears to be such a happy little girl!

    <a href=“http://www.loulou.therails.ca”>Loulou</a>

    loulou · Friday February 3, 2012 · #


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