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Margarita Congelada


Margarita Congelada

(pronounced cone-hey-la-da)

Today Gigi and I are having a lovely, cozy movie day.  I'm sipping tea, watching movies based on Jane Austen novels, working on the blog and cuddling with my babe.  Last week I promised to have perfected my accidental cocktail.  So here is the recipe!  This Margarita on Rocks 2.0 was a very happy accident.  Without warning, the sun decided to come out and some little voice deep in the back of my mind whispered to me, "It's margarita time".  Yes!!!  But, we only had a couple lemons and one lime and I didn't want to spend any time making my yummy Fresh Squeezed Margarita and I don't ever use store bought mix cause it gives me a sugar headache.  What to do???  This near tragedy was avoided when I remembered that, the last time I had made a big pitcher of my margarita mix, I had frozen what we didn't use in ice cube trays!  Woohoo!  Rather than waiting for the cubes to melt before making up a regular ol' margarita, I simply made one over the frozen cubes of mix!  It is super fresh, sweet and sour and definitely hits the spot! 


margarita mix (don't add the tequila though!!!), frozen into cubes*


1-2 limes, zest one, slice one into wedges



Mix together a pinch of sugar and some lime zest on a plate.  Wet the rim of your cocktail glass with a lime wedge before dipping it into the sugar and lime zest mixture.  Fill the glass with the frozen mix ice cubes and a couple regular ice cubes.  Pour in a couple ounces of good tequila.  Top with a sprinkling of the sugar and lime zest mixture and a lime wedge.  That's it!  

This drink is great if you love tequila.  It's like having whisky on the rocks but for tequila lovers!  The sugar added to the drink and on the glass is needed because otherwise it's too tart and the regular ice cubes help to water down the mix as you sip.  By the time you get to the end of your drink (unless you're a really fast drinker) it will taste just like my regular margarita!  Come to think of it, if you are a really fast drinker, skip the regular ice cubes and just use the frozen mix. 

*the cubes can be a bit tricky to get out of the tray.  I had to fill the sink with hot water, quickly and dunk the bottom of the tray before they slid out easily!

I was having a really hard time spelling today.  Here's a few gems that I typed out.  My brain is on a slow roll out today.  Guess that's what happens when your daughter wakes up at 4:30!  Thank goodness for spell check and editing.  

storebot - store bought 

picher - pitcher

accidente - accident (too much Spanish homework)

shugar- sugar

vary - very

repluar - regular

Finally, if you're looking for a slightly more WT (white trash) version of the margarita head over to my friend Jen's blog.



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